Tombstone Prop & Graveyard Ideas

Maybe Halloween is just around the corner or maybe you’re just a year round fan of the spooky holiday. What ever the reason, Halloween Haunting or gothic decorating is on your mind and you’re looking for quality tombstone props online.

Take Our Top Ten Tombstones List For A Spin

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Tombstone Props Are Popular

For many years now decorating with Halloween tombstone props has been an icon of the frightening fun celebrated on October 31st. Authentic looking foam tombstones are used by the home haunter and haunt professional alike to create ghostly graveyard displays filled with creatures of the night lurking among the gothic graves that are marked by a tombstone prop.

Quality Gothic Tombstone Prop with winged Demon Gargoyle
Every year the number of home Halloween decorating displays using tombstones in a haunted cemetery increases. Indeed these scary Styrofoam headstones may already be second only to the Jack-O-Lantern prop in popularity. And you can certainly see why when looking at these two finely detailed beauties on the left.

Lots of folks make cool looking homemade props and that’s great! But if you’re like us and don’t have the time or patience to create a great real looking tombstone prop then we suggest buying some premium looking grave stones for the front rows of your graveyards and then fill in the back rows with what you are able to make yourself.

Gothic Vampire Bat Sculpted Cross, Quality Tombstone Prop

But once you see all the cool and amazingly realistic Halloween Tombstone Props that there are to choose from you may just decide to fill your cemetery till its fence and gates are bursting with the deluxe tombstone models! On this site as we grow you’ll find many posts and articles providing ideas and choices for purchasing gravestones but also what other props and supplies to include and decorating techniques to use when placing and setting up a quality Halloween graveyard.

We’ll also post useful info on how to make your own tombstones and find and provide links to haunted gravestone building resourses and other general inspirational content related to home haunting.

We have searched for the best, authentic looking Tombstone Props that appear to us, to be high quality in detail and construction. Props that we feel, any Halloween Haunting Fan would be proud to buy and display in their haunt or maybe even as a gothic home decoration.

Ground Breaker Props Add To A Graveyard’s Chill!

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Halloween Tombstone Tips & Tricks

When setting up your graveyard for your trick-or-treating guest to enjoy, there really is no right or wrong way of doing It. Be that as it may, here are some ideas to help you choose which headstones to include and how to position the props for best effects.

- It is a good idea to have different sizes of gravestones so that you can layer them in rows. Naturally place the smaller props in the first row and then progress to the large foam tombstones as you get to the back rows. That way the Halloween trick-or-treaters can properly see and enjoy all the props in your creepy cemetery.

- The decorating idea of putting the small headstone props first should also be applied to stones with detailed sayings called epitaphs (yes, an epitaph can be funny), so that visitors to your haunted house or grave yard can enjoy this aspect of your Halloween Tombstone Props.

Pls. Check back as we’ll continue to add more tips and other gothic decorating ideas…

For The DIY Halloween Home Haunters

There is literally no end to the Halloween ideas that one can come up with for inspiration when building a homemade tomb stone prop. And there is almost no end to amount of great Halloween how to resource info out there and we are going to do our best to find and categorize them for you.

Here is one popular video showing the basics of tombstone prop creation:

Another Halloween Tombstones Idea we like is that more and more
Halloween Tomstones with skulls and light up eyes are a great prop idea to haunt your Halloween graveyardtombstones these days have LED lights built in to them as part of the prop. This one here is a great example of one these Halloween tombstones – it has LED lights right in its skull eyes. This haunted headstone is sure to give your tricker treaters lots chills come Halloween night! You’ll also notice that it has a funny tombstone saying carved into it for an epitaph. These are very popular and you can find many sites which have lists of these sayings.

Tombstone Prop Idea #13:
Animated Halloween Tomstones with ground breaker hands clawing at front of prop. Scary headstone with classic shape and skull detailing, RIP tombstone sayingWe love the idea of this animated Tombstone. What kid wouldn’t be frightened by undead zombie hands scratching at the weathered face of a headstone prop in your Halloween graveyard!

Here is a short video show casing a splendid homemade Halloween Tombstone prop! Enjoy! This is a great DIY prop reproduction of the famous Walt Disney Leota Headstone!

Stone Washed Sculpted Halloween Tombstone
Halloween graveyard outdoor sculpted tombstone decoration

This evil looking headstone caught our eye because of its wicked paint job. Making it look ancient and weathered! All it needs is a little moss and its ready to haunt!

The black & white washed paint over the skull and grim reaper carvings give it a very creepy and sinister look – A Perfect Prop for our Halloween cemetery!